Made in Britain®


Hugo & Otto are proudly accredited by Made in Britain® the mark of excellence in design and British manufacturing of luxury dog beds.

The accreditation by the Made in Britain® association is awarded to British companies and manufacturers that have been through a transparent, rigorous audit and due diligence process.

From small start ups and family businesses through to medium and large globally renowned British companies we all sit together at the association in proud recognition of our continued investment in British Made.

The audit process is to prove the code of conduct is upheld in your circular supply chain of your company, ethical employment, work placements, job creations and work place facilities. Made in Britain® also request information on your recycling processes, export investment and marketing processes to help them understand where they can assist your company with ongoing seminars, talks and events.


                          Blue accreditation seal around the words Code of Conduct Made In Britain and within the words is a variation of the British flag in red and blue



The trade mark of Made in Britain® assures that you have invested your money with a Company who consistently work to achieve the very best quality of product. Every year the accreditation is renewed and a certificate is awarded, you can request to see their accreditation certificate to prove their status.

                      Hugo & Otto Made in Britain® Certificate 2023/4

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