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Bespoke By Hugo & Otto

What is becoming increasingly requested by our clients is can they change the colour of the bed and mix it with another fabric that we have from a different collection.

The short answer is absolutely yes! 

Please email:   sales@hugoandotto.com if you have any questions or your requirements are a little more specific. 

In the photograph images we have put together a quick guide on the internal parts of our Box and Bolster Dog Beds. Any part of the outer covers can be re-designed, we can sew different colours together to both the inside or outside of the outer covers to make it unique to you and or mix different types of fabrics. 

On this page we have given you a choice to order a Velvet Box Bed with pricing.

These prices also apply to our bolster dog beds as, they are the same sizes and our technical fabrics fall into the same price point. Our technical dog bed fabrics are found on the following dog bed collections.

The Shoreditch Box Bed.    The Lincoln As Nice As Pie.   The York Sitting Pretty

The exceptional fabrics which are not included in these costings are:   

Abraham Moon Pure new wools.  Ian Mankin Linen.   Romo Fabrics Cotton ginghams

please email:   sales@hugoandotto.com for a quote on costs in these fabrics.


And so to us and our bespoke by Hugo & Otto offering.

We are the designers and makers first, our luxury dog bedding is made to order and to our sizing. With a wide range of colour, fabrics, shapes, designs and sizing we can offer a curated collection of beautiful dog beds for every life stage, dog breed type and your lifestyle. 

Through the years we have had specific requests for clients with dog's who for health reasons have needed extra support and we have happily adapted our sizing and handmade special designs for them. We have along the years supported several charities designing their very own dog bed to help them raise funds, created products for a well known raw food dog food brand with their television appearance on Dragons Den to the TV series Dogs Behaving Badly and a televised dog wedding.

We work with interior designers and commercial projects for hotel groups to design and make dog beds in their corporate colours or COM (customers own fabrics) if you require this service please email us in the first instance to:  sales@hugoandotto.com 

Choosing Memory foam mattress over standard polyester.

It is an important life choice especially if your dog is perhaps recovering from surgery, or suffers from Canine Arthritis then they will need a mattress that not only supports their weight but also aids blood flow around the muscles to the joints as they will often sleep for longer periods. Memory foam is also a stable and dense product, it will not tip or dip when your dog steps onto their mattress as a polyester or feather filled product will and so getting up from a laying position after a prolonged sleep can often be a little shaky. With a stable base this will help support their paws and legs and not tip. Equally, if your dog is perhaps loosing their eye sight the same principles apply, stepping onto a soft polyester filled mattress can often make them feel nervous about falling therefore the best solution is a memory foam.   


With our extensive collection of fabrics you are assured that when we spend the time to research the right fabric we are looking not only for high quality but also durability.

We look for tightly knitted soft handle upholstery fabrics that are warm and welcoming but also for a purpose. The tighter the weave of the fabric the less likely your dog will be able to catch a claw in the fabric and create that annoying thread that they will no doubt want to chew at.

We also look for fabrics with high martindale rub tests to withstand the constants useage that a dog will put their bed through, how many ups and downs does a dog do in a day is probably a good question at this point but, knowing my 4 dogs that has got to be hundreds of times in any one day. 

And lastly I especially regard high quality technical fabrics that are treated with a product called Easyclean® or Fibreguard® stain guarding whilst being manufactured on the looms.  The fibres are coated with these products to help the very core of the finished fabric from odours, stains and dirt. Easy to spot clean and wipe away, hairs are more easily removed, odours are less noticeable, machine washes like a dream and dry as a bone in no time. 

Please email : sales@hugoandotto.com with any questions on fabrics, technical  specs etc. 


  • Mayfair          -   Light Champagne Cream
  • Richmond     -    Beige 
  • Marmalade   -   Rich Deep Orange 
  • Pastel Pink   -   Soft Pink 
  • Lilac              -   Soft Lilac
  • Magenta       -   Fuchsia Rich Pink 
  • Claret           -    Rich Deep Red 
  • Lime             -  Vivid Green
  • Hunter         -  Dark Green
  • Airforce     -   Swedish Blue
  • Midnight    -   Deep Blue/Grey
  • Indigo        -   Rich Creamy Navy
  • Navy          -   Deep Navy  
  • Steel         -   Mid Grey
Luxury Faux Fur
  • Pearl          -  Plain Cream a mid length pile      
  • Silver         -  Plain Light/Mid Grey a shortie pile
  • Silver Fox  -  Mixed greys with Black tips a long length pile
  • Hunter       -  Plain Mid Green a long length pile


Bespoke by Hugo & Otto

We ask that you place your order online, we will email and arrange a telephone call with you to go through your options together before we sign off on the design that you prefer.

Hugo & Otto can offer you a design service like no other, we will work with you to create your very own bespoke colours to complement your interior styling in your home. WE cannot guarantee to colour match exactly to your existing colours as every fabric manufacturer work with different fibres, weights of fibres and knitting, the dyes used vary tremendously as also in the drying process, changes in temperature and climate can considerably change the pantone of the fabrics. 

From our design table to the cutting table where our busy sewing bees create your handmade dog bed to finishing and packing your dog bed to make it's way to you we can trace each part of the journey to ensure you have a finished luxury product.

We work with you to create the best design result for your lifestyle, from the design sign off with you, it then takes approximately * 3-5 working days to cut out, make and despatch your dog bed from our studios in the UK

* depending on work loads on our cutting tables and seasonal holidays. 

* T&C's apply for bespoke orders which are very different to purchasing a standard dog bed.

*  We cannot accept your order until the colours/fabrics are signed off and agreed in writing by email with you.

*  Bespoke orders cannot be returned, nor exchanged or cancelled once we have agreed and signed off your order.

*  Bespoke orders to include shipping and any extra costs must be paid for in full and advance prior to making

  • Sizes:                      Please see sizing below - this cannot be changed
  • Box Bed Design:    The Bed will be cut to the shape/design you requested from our collection of dog beds
  • Piping:                    You can choose to have self piping, pinch piping or none.
  • Piping Colour:        Self Piping can be made in the same colour of your bed or in a different fabric and colourway. Pinch piping is made from the main cover fabric.
  • Covers:                   Choose from any of our in stock fabrics from our Collections 
  • COM:                       We can make your dog bed with your own fabric. To do this we will need to agree the shape, style and size that you require. We will need you to supply us with the technical details and design repeat of your fabric to work out how much fabric you will need to supply us with. We will email you this information and add a 10% contingency to the requirement. We would ask that you check the piece of fabric for any marks, slubs or irregularities prior to sending to us. You will then send us your fabric for us to make your bed. Once we roll out your fabric on the cutting table we will inspect your fabric for any irregularities, if found and we are not able to cut around the slubs or marks we will take a photograph and email you and will stop production until we know what you propose. In this case we are not expected to refund your payment as we do expect you to check your fabric beforehand. 


  • Exterior   L60cm x W50cm x H 22cm     
  • Interior    L40cm x W30cm 
  • Exterior   L76cm x W60cm x H23cm    
  • Interior    L52cm x W36cm
  • Exterior   L90cm x W70cm x H30cm     
  • Interior    L64cm x W40cm  
            X Large
  • Exterior   L100cm x W70cm x H30cm
  • Interior    L 72cm x W52cm
Your dog deserves the very best we make each of our dog beds by hand in England when your order comes through and so it is especially made just for you, our sizing is approximate 

Wash Care
When you choose from our collection of fabrics we will email you our wash care recommendations. Your dog bed will also have a wash care label sewn into the covers. 
COM:  we do ask for your technical details of your fabric prior to agreeing to make your dog bed. This enables us to understand wash care capabilities and which label to sewn into your dog bed. We expect you to understand the wash care ability of your own fabrics as we have not supplied them nor tested them prior to making. 

Hugo & Otto