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Brrrrrrrr when the freezing East wind blows at your nose and your paws are cold poddle home to the warmth of your cosy Hugo & Otto dog bed

Discover this stunning ergonomic form of the York Sitting Pretty Memory Foam Dog Bed uniquely designed for the dog with a sniff for style.

Handmade with our unique 2 tier memory foam mattress system with an easy living relaxed style. The York Sitting Pretty has beautiful removable covers handmade with antiqued velvet with Easyclean® stain guarding resistance and a wonderfully robust 80k martindale rub test and a base of waterproof fabric and concealed full length zipper.

Inside the cover is our unique 2 tier mattress system with a base layer of polyester fibre and a secondary level of memory foam crumb both encased in their own Corivan covers and an outer zipped corivan jacket for extra protection.

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