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Shetland Rose Dog Crate Mattress

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Beautifully handmade with a choice of 2 internal mattresses

  •   Standard Polyester Mattress
  •   Visco 50 Memory Foam Mattress


The Shetland Crate Collection re-imagines contemporary styling for your home whilst mimicking a natural and Cosy Den for your dog.

This luxury dog crate cushion is streets ahead of the pack when it comes to beautiful contemporary design and looks whilst also giving you mattress options to offer your dog the very best in orthopaedic and comfortable support for the dog who has a sniff for style without compromise. 

The Shetland Collection is handmade with beautiful fabrics that feel soft and cosy mimicking a natural den habit inside their crate set and let's face it looks very cool in your home too.


Memory foam mattress option:

For some dogs jumping into and out of a dog crate may be a little too much for them especially, if they are elderly, sight imparement, recovering from surgery or who may suffer from canine arthritis.

We offer you the option of choosing an internal orthopaedic mattress, a stable mattress in which they feel safe and secure when walking onto the mattress, or getting up after a long lazy snooze.

Pre-cut at 3" high the memory foam mattress sits at the same height as the walk-in wire door way frame. We use pure 100% memory foam enabling you to turn the mattress and use on both sides. Of course it multi-useable and easy to remove and use in another room or take with you in the car etc.

Health benefits, memory foam offers vital joint and muscle support whilst sleeping promoting blood flow around the muscles, hypoallergenic and dust mite free and is temperature cooling (* please note that the outer cover can reverse this note if you use a warming fabric like faux fur or heavy wools) 


Available in 3 Dog Crate Sizes:

Medium 30"  |   Large 36"   |   X Large 42"  - Measurements are for the dog crate (excl internal mattress) 

Internally:  To calculate the approx internal area measurement with a mattress inside, please take the measurement from the top of the mattress of choice to the internal height of crate.

Standard Polyester Cushion      Allow 6" (15cm) from floor to step-in height of the cushion

Memory Foam Mattress             Allow 3.3" (19cm) from floor to step-in height of the memory foam mattress


            External Measurement                 Internal Measurement (CM's)  

  • M  30"       77 L x 48 W x 54.4 H       70 L x 45 W  x 52 H   Small breeds   i.e  Dachshunds, Terriers, Maltipoo
  • L   36"       91 L x 56 W x 62 H          88 L x 54 W  x 60 H   Med breeds     i.e  Cockerpoos, Spaniels, Frenchies
  • XL 42"   106.5 L x 70 W x 77 H        104 L x 68 W  x 75 H   Large breeds    i.e  Labradors, Hungarian Vizsla



Laundry Days

The mattress cover is 100% man-made polyester with Easyclean® stain resistant technology, a wipe cleanable upholstery fabric and easy to machine wash on laundry days.

Machine Wash on 30' short cycle - low spin ratio

Do not dry clean 

Do not Tumble Dry

Dry flat or on the line

Iron on the reverse on low heat (if required)

Do not use harsh abrasives

Do not use bleaching agents



5" Standard Cushion (Inner Cushion)

To encourage and re-invigorate air flow around the polyester fibres just like your own bed pillow or sofa cushion they do need a good old bish, bahs, bosh. Doing this will help to keep the shape and longevity of your product. Fail to do it and call me 2 years later, you will be reminded that you do not go to bed each night unless your pillow feels right!

100% pure blown hyperallergenic polyester fibre filling encased within a lightweight and breathable Corivan fabric

Machine Wash on 30'  - normal spin cycle

Do not dry clean

Do not use harsh abrasives or bleaching agents

Tumble dry on cool setting - stop the tumble, take out the cushion and re-shape during the drying process


3" Visco 50 Pure Memory Foam Mattress with zipped mattress protector

** please note; ANY Memory foam product is not washable and it absorbs water/moisture. 

Visco 50 Pure Memory Foam product.

The mattress protector that we provide is a free of charge product. It is made from Corivan, a man-made 100% polyester product that protects your memory foam mattress from marking and it is breathable. The outer Corivan cover has a side zip and can be machine washed.

If your dog has an incontinence health condition, please email us for a quote to make a waterproof outer cover:  sales@hugoandotto.com

We have 2 weights of waterproof fabrics available to use, the heavier weights will make a difference to the estimating and cutting of the outer covers. It is marginal and the costs remain the same it is just we need to understand your requirements so that we make your product the way you imagine it. 

Also:  do note that waterproof fabrics are squeeky, if your dog sleeps in your bedroom do be aware that when they move around it may be annoying. 


Washing the Corivan cover:

Remove the outer Corivan mattress protector cover and wash this cover on 30' degrees 

Memory Foam products are dense and highly absorbent of water, any spillages should be dried as soon as possible to prevent moisture buildup

Take off the outer covers regularly and air the mattress

Memory Foam Weekly Care:

Spritz over with an anti-bacterial spray and dry off with a soft dry absorbent cloth removing any access moisture

Help to dry any moisture with a hair dryer on cool setting and use a circular motion whilst handling. 


Hugo & Otto