Frequently asked questions

This is our most frequently asked question.

Besides measuring the back length of your dog and knowing how they prefer to sleep ie: curled up, on their backs etc

We would also advise that your dog needs a bed that they feel comfortable within otherwise, it is a wasted investment. Understand your dog's natural habitat way of sleeping for instance: Hounds just love to deep dive and burrow into dark layers, Labradors love cool beds but like to rest their head on bolsters etc.

Your dog also needs to be able to sit up, stand up and turn 360' in their bed, this is called nesting and it is one of their most natural ways to settle into their bed. If they cannot do this then, they will get out and find somewhere else.

Our measurements:

We offer you external & internal measurements on our product information pages. We make your dog bed when we receive your order which makes them extra special to you and your dog. With over 15 years and the longest established British made dog bed manufacturing our makers at the studio know a thing or two about dog beds. They may be a milimeter out here and there and so we always say please give and take a few milimeters if you are tight on space etc.

Whoo, happy days ahead!, we would say the more you know about your dog breed the best for sleep patterns and habits to nutrition, exercise, training and grooming.

When it comes to dog beds it really depends on the type of dog breed as they can prefer different type of dog beds.

The best place to start is ask your dog breeder as they know the breeds so well.

The Little Nap Dog Bed is especifically designed by us to offer a floor level easy access, working to prevent falls and injuries to puppies trying to jump into high sided dog beds.

Mont Blanc Donut Puppy Bed Puppies and nursing mums adore Donut Dog Beds, they are organically cocooning and envelope your puppy. Aedd a little VaVa Woof styling with our luxury faux fur and you have the recipe for successful, blissfully happy snoozes.

In all cases we would always advise that your puppy will soon grow into their paws and before you know it will be fully grown. You may be wise to invest in a puppy bed larger than you require for the first few weeks, invest in a dog bed that will last them for years.

100% Standard Pure Blown Polyester - a hypollergenic product the same used in human bedding ie: allergy free pillows and cushions.

Our busy sewing bees use our industrial blower in the studio to fill our base mattresses and individual side bolster cover slips to make the internal working of your dog beds.

Visco 50 Memory Foam Mattress Pads - a hypollergenic, dust mite free product.

We supply 3" thick memory foam and it can be used on both sides. We do not supply 10% memory foam glued to a green plastic board like so may other suppliers within the dog bedding industry.

Our suppliers are supperior human bedding manufacturers in the Midlands, the same memory foam topper product that you and I would invest in.

Memory Foam moulds to the shape of the body, encourages and improves blood flow around muscles and can assist in Canine Arthritis pain management.

* Please note, memory foam is not a washable product. It has to be aired frequently and sprayed down with any-baterial spray. We supply an internal Corivan zipped off cover as a mattress protector, Corivan is a breathable and washable fabric cover, it is not a waterproof fabric.

We would ask that you email us within 14 days of receiving your dog bed or bedding that you wish to return your product. Distance selling rules afford you another 14 days from this point for you to return your dog bed or bedding to us at our studios.

In your shipment box your dog bed will be wrapped in an outer plastic protective bag, within the bag you will find our thank you note, porduct brochure and returns address.

In the first instance we would ask that you contact us by email: so that we can help you with the correct sizing, ensure that you have the correct returns address and we can ensure that our studio is expecting your return.

We would ask that you arrange for your return to be sent to our studio in the wrapping and original packaging intact so that we are in a position to re-sell your product/s again.

We will liase with you to make the size that you require and credit or debit your account with the replacement dog bed should it be smaller or larger etc.

You are responsible for the returns shipping costs and we do ask that you ensure you ask for fully tracked and traced courier service just in case of delays or missing items and insure the full cost of the product.

We receive your order 24/7 when the midnight shift (that's me) receive your order we send it to our studio who pick it up the next working day. WE get on to your order straight away and look to have it cut out, made, finished and packed within 2 working days or as soon as we can for you.

If you have ordered a dog crate set these can take upto 5 days to cut out, make and complete as they are pretty intricate. If you are in a super hurry please email us:

For UK mainland orders our agents are: DPD Local who offer a 24 hour delivery window and a fully tracked system.

We will send you your shipping tracking link and DPD Local will do the same. Delivery from our studio to your door is normally within 24 hours (next working day delivery) unless of course there is adverse weather, or an extreme issue with transportation.

In some cases like Scotland, Highlands & Islands it make take 2 - 3 working days to reach you.

Your tracking link will keep you fully informed of progress.

Should you not be home on delivery day, please log into your shipping link and give DPD Local permission to leave in a safe place or with a lovely neighbour etc. They will do so, take a photo and attach the image in a message to you.

EU and Worldwide shipping please email:

The studio working hours:

Mon - Thurs 06:00 - 15:00

Yes of course, we are designers and makers of our luxury dog beds and handmade in the studios in the West Midlands. Every part of your dog bed, crate set or mattress has zipped outer covers. We offer a spare cover service and any part/s of the internal bolsters or mattresses of your dog bed.

We are at the mercy of our fabric suppliers, should they change a pantone colour or discontinue fabrics we may have to offer you a substitute colourway.

Yes, we have shipped worldwide since the launch of our Company in 2014 and have loyal and happy customers as far as Auckland and as near as our next door neighbours.

In order for us to obtain a full shipping quotation we will need to understand which product and size you would like to purchase and also your full shipping address to obtain a live and best quote for you.

* we do ask that you fully understand that your Country may require you to fullfil and pay Customs & Excise fees which you are responsible for and not Hugo & Otto Ltd.

Please email:

We are so sorry we cannot guarantee your product for life, we cannot forsee how your dog will use their bed and we certainly cannot say that our dog beds are teeth proof.

We are always sceptical over competitors claims that their beds are bomb proof, we all know that if a dog wants to get through something, including doors, they will find a way, teeth, claws, jaws are strong, stronger than any dog bed made of fabric sources.