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Luxury Memory Foam Box Dog Bed Stretton Rose by Hugo & Otto

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Luxury Memory Foam Box Dog Bed Stretton Rose by Hugo & Otto 

The Stretton collection of luxury memory foam dog beds offers outstanding orthopaedic support, beautiful styling for your home and dreamy luxury Faux Fur for cosy, delicious snoozes.  

Designed and handmade in Warwick fabrics contemporary upholstery fabric with luxury faux fur to the outer cover of the base memory foam mattress. The orthopaedic mattress offers vital joint and muscle support made with a 3" deep pure Visco 50 memory foam for sublime comfort. Memory foam is a dense products and offers a stable base to step into and stand up on over standard polyester filed cushion that can tip or shifts when your dog moves around. If you have a puppy with growing bones, a dog who may be suffering from canine arthritis, loss of sight or recovering after surgery then a memory foam mattress is the perfect solution for their needs.

Memory foam products are a stable dense product, hypoallergenic, dust mite free, moulds to the shape of the body and temperature cooling. Hugo & Otto prefer to use 100% memory foam products over a product that is 10 or 20% memory foam glued to a green plastic board that so many other competitors use. With a 100% product you can remove the mattress from the bed, flip it over to use on both sides and is easily transported to the car or another room. To help with the all important wash days your dog bed is fully zipped, 4 separate bolsters pull out from within their pockets of the outer cover and can be washed separately, the base mattress outer and inner mattress protector also cover zips off, a luxury dog bed with VaVaWoof styling.    


Sizes:  Approximate as handmade
                     External      Internal 
  • Small            60 x 48 x 22        40 x 30 x 10
  • Medium      80 x 66 x 24        54 x 38 x 14
  • Large            90 x 62 x 30        66 x 42 x 18  
  • X Large     110 x 88 x 30       78 x 56 x 18



Removing the outer covers
  • Simply take out the inner memory foam base mattress, unzip the outer cover and remove, zip the cover back up ready to wash.

  • Remove the internal corivan mattress protector, zip up and ready to wash, pop the memory foam mattress to the side * (*please see cleaning recommendations below) 
  • Reach into a corner of your main bed and pull that corner towards you. Repeat on an opposite side until all 4 corners are now inverted and you will clearly see a zip running all the way around the base.

  • Unzip the outer cover and remove the 4 internal side wall bolsters, zip the cover back up ready to wash and pop the 4 side bolsters to the side for washing if needed

  • We recommend to wash both the outer cover and the base mattress cover together to avoid colour fading differences over time 



Outer Cover and Outer Sleep Base Cushion Cover:

Wash on a 30’ degree setting with a low ratio spin speed

Dry naturally/line dry

Do not tumble dry

Iron on a low heat on the reverse side only

Do not bleach

Do not use harsh abrasives

Do not rub, use a circular motion whilst spot cleaning

Do not dry clean


Internal Memory Foam Mattress  -  3" Visco 50 Pure Memory Foam Mattress with internal zipped mattress protector
* Please note:   Memory foam is not a machine washable product

It is recommended to regularly unzip and remove the outer mattress covers on a memory foam mattress and let the mattress air.

Flip over the mattress regularly during and use on both sides. 

Unzip and remove the internal mattress protector cover and wash on 30' degrees - the mattress cover is made from Corivan which is a breathable fabric (please note it is not a waterproof fabric) 

Memory Foam products are dense and highly absorbent of water, any spillages should be dried as soon as is practice and possible to prevent mildue

Spritz over with an anti-bacterial spray and dry off with a soft dry absorbent cloth removing any access moisture

Many professionals recommend to help dry off any access moisture to use a hair dryer on a cool setting and in a circular motion and at a sensible distance to assist the drying process, do not hold a hairdryer too closely to the memory foam and do not use on a hot setting. 

Do not leave near a heat source to dry


4 Separate side bolsters

4 x side bolsters pop out of their separate pockets. You can wash each bolster together or separately. 

Handmade with 100% pure blown polyester fibre encased in a Corivan outer cover.

Wash on a  30’ degrees setting

Line dry naturally and re-shape/plump up whilst drying

Tumble dry on a cool-warm setting (avoid hot settings)

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Do not dry clean

Do not iron

UK Shipping Costs as standard

For shipping to mainland England only. All other countries please email [email protected] your order request and full shipping address.

Lucy's Stretton Dog Bed

Written by Harriet Greaves on 30th Jun 2020

This is our first Hugo & Otto dog bed and it is incredibly well made the memory foam base is a godsend for Lucy who is now 9 years old. Great customer service from them too!

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