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Luxury Dog Crate Set in Burford Velvet & Faux Fur by Hugo & Otto

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Luxury Dog Crate set includes: 

     Lined in cream cotton with velvet door blinds lined in Romo gingham & gingham piping 

     2 crate mattress options:  Standard Polyester Mattress or Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress  


     High quality double door dog crate, powder coated in black with

    2 sliding bolts to each door, flat packed, handy carry handle & removable base tray for easy cleaning

Introducing this beautiful designer dog crate set, possibly the world's cosiest and stylish dog crate yet, a first in luxury faux fur crate sets with orthopaedic crate mattress options, beautifully handmade in England with sumptuous velvets and Romo gingham.

The Hugo & Otto Burford Dog Crate Set is handmade with a stunning Aubergine upholstery velvet from Warwick Fabrics, Aubergine and White Gingham from Romo Fabrics, a removable crate mattress cover with side zip for easy wash day care made with beautifully soft, creamy white luxury faux fur and the reverse side in velvet.

With a choice of 2 internal mattresses this is the ultimate dog crate set that offers you design style and your dog the perfect cosy den with snoozeworthy dreams. We have designed the first luxury faux fur dog crate set to offer you the very best in care for your best friend and the first memory foam crate mattress set designed and handmade in England for the love of dog.


Imagine the joy of sleeping on a deep filled cosy cushion that feels like super soft clouds covered in faux fur oh my, those puppy paws will feel happy content and calm when it's time for snoozes. And, for those who need a little helping hand with vital joint and muscle support our memory foam orthopaedic crate mattress option offers your dog the stable and supportive mattress they need and you total peace of mind.

The velvet dog crate cover slips easily over the dog crate, lined in cream cotton with 2 door blinds lined in the gorgeous Romo gingham which when rolled up look beautiful. We have added faux horn toggles to keep them in place and our Hugo & Otto dog tag is sewn into the seam for a little bit of British us. This luxury dog crate cover offers the feel of a natural habitat canopy and inside this beautiful cosy den dog crate the magic begins. Choose from our dreamy deep filled polyester cushion with faux fur for extra comfort or, our 3" deep memory foam crate mattress giving you the best dog crate options with cosy den dog crate comfort.

The beautiful Burford Crate Set is perfect for dogs of every life stage from crate training your puppy, helping them settle into a routine at home or perhaps a quiet space for older dogs recovering from surgery and needing crate rest.



3 Sizes:   Medium 30"  |   Large 36"   |   X Large 42"  
                     External          Internal  (CM's)
                      L     W    H            L     W    H
  • M  30"           77 x 48 x 54.4            70 x 45 x 52           Small breeds:  i.e Dachshunds, Terriers, Maltipoo

  • L   36"             91 x 56 x 62                88 x 54 x 60            Med breeds:  i.e Cockerpoos, Spaniels, French Bulldog

  • XL 42"     106.5 x 70 x 77            104 x 68  x 75          Large breeds:  i.e Labradors, Hungarian Vizsla


To calculate the approximate internal crate area with a crate mattress in position.

As a rule of thumb guide: please take the approximate height/depth measurement of the mattress of your choice (noted below) to the internal height measurements of the crates (noted above) to ensure your dog has enough internal space to move freely around, sit, stand, snooze etc.

  • Standard Polyester Crate Mattress Height/Depth:   6"  (15cm)    Please take 15 cm from the internal height of the desired crate to calculate the free internal space 

  • Memory Foam Crate Mattress Height/Depth:            3.3" (8cm)    Please take 8 cm from the internal height of the desired crate to calculate the free internal space 



Choice of Dog Crate Mattresses:  

Standard Polyester Crate Mattress 

Our deep filled polyester cushion feels soft and cosy and filled to approximately 15cm high. Our standard crate cushions are handmade in our studios with pure blown 100% polyester fibre, a hypoallergenic product the same filling product that is used to fill pillows and cushions for the bedding industry.

Visco 50 Memory Foam Mattress Cut to 3" Deep

A dense and stable product to walk onto, sit up/stand up and step down from giving your dog the confidence to move without the fear of falling over within a deep filled cushion that can move around under weight. Memory foam is dust mite free, hypoallergenic, temperature cooling and moulds to the shape of the body assisting with canine arthritis pain management and eases blood flow around the tissues of muscles. Our pre-cut memory foam is cut at 3" high and, with the outer cover sits just a little above the frame work to enable your dog to feel exactly where they need to place their paws. It can be flipped over to be used on either side and easily removed from the crate to use in another room, or on car on journeys etc.

We provide a removable internal mattress cover made with Corivan which is a breathable fabric and machine washable, it is not a waterproof product.

Please note:  The metal dog crate has an internal base frame that supports the whole structure and the double doors. Please allow for approximately 7cm High (3") from the floor for your puppy or older dog to be able to step over.



2 Door Dog Crate: 

We offer you a double door metal dog crate for total peace of mind if you need to move your dog crate to another room or perhaps take it with you on staycations, the dog crate is lightweight and very easy to move with a handy carry handle located in the centre of the roof panel.

Powder coated wire dog crate manufactured by Doggit with handy carry handle, removable base tray, 2 doors, Front (wider side) Side (narrower side) Each door has 2 sliding securing bolts.

Flat packed and ready assembled within it's own box (please read manufacturers recommended cleaning and securing instructions found inside the box)

The doors are hinged into side panels, the base of the door is approximately 3" up from the floor. This is the minimum measurement that you need to consider when thinking how your dog will manage when accessing their dog crate set. 





Outer cover, crate mattress cover

100% polyester mix fabrics to include the faux fur fabric. 

30" Machine Washable - Cool setting - short cycle & low spin ratio

Do not dry clean

Do not Tumble Dry

Do not Iron the faux fur side of the crate mattress

Do not use any harsh abrasives or bleaching agents to spot clean velvet or faux fur fabrics

Dry flat or line dry - shake out during the drying process

Faux fur, shake out the mattress cover during the process to lift the fibres of the faux fur, it is not recommended to use any heat source on faux fur, this product likes a soft hairbrush and will re-vitalise the fibres. 

Iron only on a cool setting and on the reverse of the velvet if required 


Standard Polyester Crate Mattress

100% pure blown polyester fibre filling 

Wash on 30' with normal spin cycle 

Do not dry clean 

Do not use harsh abrasives or bleaching agents 

Tumble dry on cool setting - stop the tumble dryer during the drying process, take out and plump up/re-shape and repeat


3" Visco 50 Pure Memory Foam Mattress with internal zipped mattress protector
**  Please note:   Memory foam is not a machine washable product

It is recommended to regularly unzip and remove the outer mattress covers on a memory foam mattress and let the mattress air.

Flip over the mattress regularly during and use on both sides. 

Unzip and remove the internal mattress protector cover and wash on 30' degrees - the mattress cover is made from Corivan which is a breathable fabric (please note it is not a waterproof fabric) 

Memory Foam products are dense and highly absorbent of water, any spillages should be dried as soon as is practice and possible to prevent mildue

Spritz over with an anti-bacterial spray and dry off with a soft dry absorbent cloth removing any access moisture

Many professionals recommend to help dry off any access moisture to use a hair dryer on a cool setting and in a circular motion and at a sensible distance to assist the drying process, do not hold a hairdryer too closely to the memory foam and do not use on a hot setting. 

Do not leave near a heat source to dry


Replacement internal crate mattresses and memory foam crate mattresses can be purchased separately. 


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